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    2019 - 03.13

    These days weren’t really good…
    I feel like I’m immersed in my lazy habits
    I used to be good at several things when I was young, just a bit of effort I can do anything good, I never have a problem studying since I don’t want to be the first place too, but now I think everything is different, I’m not what I used to be or just this world getting harder
    I realized that it was very difficult to be a good person, sometimes I thought ‘do I have to be a good person to survive?’
    I found a quote that really represents how I live, it said,
    ‘I didn’t even ask to be born, so why do I have to study hard then choose carrier just to be survived’
    When I read it, I think like ‘OMG, it’s really me’ lol
    But I still believe, this life is worth to live
    *I’m not good at English, still learning XD

    Neo Bank

    2019 - 03.13

    Neo Bank is a bank with a different system

    Got curious?