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Project Creative Writing: Flash Fiction-Fall In Love At First Sight

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Flash Fiction: Fall In Love At First Sight

Oleh: Moh Ridwan Hidayat/180410140001

It was beginning from the holding of the event in the mosque, I walked in the corner of the mosque, I suddenly saw a girl walking toward the door, the girl smiled at me. Instantly I admire her. ‘Who is that blue-hooded girl?’ My heart wonders.

How beautiful he is, unceasingly myself praising the beauty of her, in my consciousness, until imagined in my dream, only these words can I express to her:

“No man will deny your beauty, tenderness of your attitude, beautiful of your smile, which you radiate behind a blue veil. Could I fell in love with a girl I never thought I know, although just a name.”

“How longing of my heart want to see her, if indeed she is my soul mate unite between myself and herself.” I pleaded to God.

This longing is unbearable, I wanted to meet her. Secretly, I invited my friends to her house. While on the street I saw a group of girls walking about on the bridge, laughing, until one of them slipped and fell down. I wanted to help her, I wanted to catch her, but instead she who holds my shoulder, until finally we both rolled around and when it stopped, she kissed me, and we both looked at each other. How beautiful her eyes were, how shocked I was, how glad my heart was to meet her, and his slap woke me out of my reverie. She was angry to me because she thought I had hugged her, kissed her, and looked into her eyes. I tried to explain it and asked to be acquainted but she just cried. I asked her, is there any injury? She continued to cry and the tears kept dripping more and more, so her friends go down and one of them questioned her.

“Anna, are you alright? Why are you crying?”

Among them are also scolded me.

“What did you do to her till she cried?”

“I am also confused, I do not know, I try to explain it and I want to meet her, lady…”

However they just left me and my friends, I was confused and smiled alone.

“Hasan, are you crazy? What are you thinking?”

“What’s the name of the girl I helped? How beautiful she is.”

“What is wrong with you? You’re not usually like this.”

“How ya?”

“You want to know her, keep close to her, dating and adding to immorality?”

“No, I just want to know her.”

“It is same, first acquaintance, then…”

“Already, do not go on, let’s go home.”

Seconds changed minutes, minutes changed hours, hours changed day and day changed month. Until finally my father wanted to match me with another woman. I denied him, but my father was angry. In the end I obey my father’s superiority.

At last that day I was pounding, my feelings could not be expressed in words. Apparently I am mated with her, love my first sight.

Cerita ini hanya fiktif belaka. Jika ada kesamaan nama tokoh, tempat kejadian ataupun cerita, itu adalah kebetulan semata dan tidak ada unsur kesengajaan.

Written by Moh Ridwan Hidayat

Agustus 2nd, 2020 at 10:30 am