DESIMMAL modeling, simulation, animal-farm system

Managing business complexity (North & Macal, 2007)

This my holy book. Also, I have not finished it yet. ASAP.

The answer is because people need to know about one of the most exciting and practical
developments in business simulation and modeling that has occurred since the invention of relational databases. The world is changing in terms of the requirements for solving business problems and the capabilities of information technology and computer modeling that the technical and analytical community is able to bring to bear on these problems. This change in requirements means that the problems confronting business are changing and becoming more complex. The change in capabilities means that problems that have been there all along can now be solved. This book is designed to do two things: (1) to teach
you how to think about agents, and (2) to teach you how to do something with agents by developing agent based models and simulations. In doing so, this book provides you with a vocabulary for agent-based modeling and simulation that draws from a number of
fields that people typically do not connect.