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Google AdSense and famous

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I am not really that into making money from online. I know I’m not a promising sales force(at least for now), with a quick talking skill and making people somehow loosing their consciousness on any logical senses about their own very needs (I’m hiperbolizing here). Even in offline world I am still struggling to impersonate my wife to buy me a Stratocaster complete with JCM900 set and effects (you wish!) ). But I found online business is quite tempting after I get in touch with Google Adsense. It’s not that I don’t know before, but it was until now I had a chance to interact with AdSense. The idea is simply as much as we know how this online advertising works. It works like this (from Google AdSense):
1. Choose where to show ads => Specify where you want ads to appear =>Choose what types of ads can compete for those slots bid.
2. Highest-paying ads display => Advertisers bid on your inventory in a real-time auction => Always show the highest-paying ad get paid.
3. Get paid => Google bills advertisers and ad networks => Get paid through our reliable payment options.

Sounds nice and easy wouldn’t it? And one more thing, it’s free!. Let the money be your slave, all humankind’s dream. We do not really have to care about the targeted marketing campaign of Google. They have their own way to do so.

But, it does not mean that you can easily do it. Google has to make sure that your site is important enough to their marketing strategy. You have to prove that your site is important enough for their clients. It’s the essence of targeted marketing. What happened is that Google could not accept my application as it does not meet their requirement. Here are some important points we need to consider before we apply for Google AdSense. I summarize from the rejection response I got.


– Language Not Supported
– Page type


More details:
Not Supported languages.
– Google can not approve the content of a site that uses language that is not fully supported for AdSense features that you’re proposing. Support language and targeting ads to the languages ​​are listed here.
– Important Note: If the language on your site is the Indonesian language, you must send application in Indonesian application environment. It helps their marketing team to match with marketing cluster in their database. Their team will immediately re-check the suitability of your application to their program policies.

Page type
– To be able to participate in Google AdSense, site
your page and the information sent in the application must meet
following guidelines:
– You must have a level site with top level domain.
( www.example.com and not www.example.com/yoursite ).
– You must provide your personal information is accurate with the application according to the registration information for your domain.
– Your website should contain a lot of original content.
– Your site must be in accordance with the Google AdSense program policies.

Well, it is just another way of saying that having famous website is important, and mine is not famous enough.

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July 17th, 2011 at 6:43 am

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