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Pliocene to Holocene nannoplankton climatostratigraphy (case study: Northern East Java Basin Indonesia)


Nannoplankton assemblages were studied in core samples from neritic sediments of Northern East Java Basin. Paleoclimate changes are reconstructed using of total individual and species abundance as well as ratio of temperature indicator taxa. Discoaster group, Coccolith group, Discoaster asymmetricus, D. pentaradiatus, D. quinqueramus and Gephyrocapsa oceanica were recorded as warm taxa; whereas Coccolithus pelagicus, Discoaster challengeri, Gephyrocapsa caribbeanica and Thoracosphaera saxea are known well adapted to cold zone. Calcidiscus leptoporus and Discoaster variabilis had a preference for temperate zone. Based on temperature diagnostic and other potentially correlate able events, from Late Pliocene to Holocene can be recognized three climatostratigraphic zone in the Madura Strait section, Northern East Java Basin (from bottom to top): (a) Zone I: warm, NN12 to NN14 (Lower Pliocene); (b) Zona II: temperate, NN15 to NN18 (Upper Pliocene); and (c) Zona II: warm, NN19 to NN21 (Lower Pleistocene to Holocene).

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