Basically, when we want to change the world, there is a problem that happening in this world. The problem in the world isn’t simple like turning the palm of the hand. There are many problems that occur in this world that we might never know. There are also many places in this world that haven’t been touched by human. World is too broad for a little human like us. But, is doesn’t mean that human can’t change the world.

Based on the history of human civilization, this world can be change because the behavior of human that occupies this world. In the past, plants and trees dominated the surface of the earth. However, due to the increasing number of human populations on the earth, over time the land of plants and trees began to change into human settlements. This proves that human can change the world.

Over the time, along with the increasing populations of human on the earth, there are many new problems that arise. Humans begin to have their own interest and own goals. Sometimes, humans also begin to be selfish because they only think about their own affairs. This is makes social inequalities begin to emerge.

In essence, religion exists to regulate all human life so as not to mutually harm each other. There’s no religion in the world that teach human to be evil. The presence of religion actually provides peace for humanity. However, there are a handful of people who want destruction between each religious people. This is what makes war between humans, hated each human, and racism.

In Islam, we are taught to be human beings who benefit each other. Islam strictly forbids harming other, and Islam strictly forbids intolerance of other religion. However, many Muslims don’t reflect the attitudes and values which taught in Islam. This certainly makes a negative perception of religious people, especially Islam. As a religious people, surely we must follow the rules in our religion.

If I have a power to change the world, I will make this world to be a better place for every human that life in this world. I will make injustice to be justice, I will make unfairness to be fair, and I will make all peoples happy to be part of the world. I know that’s not easy at all. But, I’m sure I can and we can.

“A Better World” never realized if the human doesn’t have awareness about humanity. If the human still only think about own affairs, I think the world will still unfair and injustice. Human greed and selfishness make other human beings harmed.

By applying aspects of humanity to human life, this world will be more beautiful. The world will beautiful if there is no war, there is no division, there is no mutual hate, and there is no one who harms each other. I think, if all of those aspects realize in this life, everyone who has ever born in this world will be confortable to life in this world.


Rivanka Diaryzki

October 8th, 2019