The Fourth Week

In the fifth week of the Respiratory System (RS) block, we only had one activity, which is a tutorial meeting. This week, however, there were several lectures that we may attend from the 6th Bandung International Biomolecular Medicine Conference (BIBMC) with various topics.

From those lectures along with the tutorial meeting, we learned and explored so many insights regarding the health issue that are correlated with our respiratory system along with the basic sciences of them. Therefore, I will share my learning progress on each activity in this assignment.

Monday – Wednesday: The 6th BIBMC

Although it wasn’t all related to the respiratory system, from Monday until Wednesday, we were provided with several lectures regarding the latest health issues. Covid-19 and Tuberculosis are two lectures regarding the respiratory health issues that were brought up at the conference. Indeed, from those lectures, we were provided with very interesting and insightful lessons and hopefully, we may develop a solution for those issues.

Thursday: An Offline Meeting!

On this day, we had a tutorial meeting with our supervisor/tutor, who is dr. Reza. Although it was only a short meeting, we were quite glad because we eventually did an offline meeting at Dr. Hasan Sadikin General Hospital (RSHS).

The topic of the meeting was to discuss the learning issues from the new trigger situation, which is a journal article about Tuberculosis. As usual, we gave any questions regarding the trigger situation to arrange the learning issues. In addition, we also got several learning issues from dr. Reza regarding Tuberculosis.