Week Five: Project Presentation

In this fifth week, we only did two meetings. However, perhaps this week is the most awaited moment for us because we need to present our DataCamp project. The first meeting was held on Thursday (1-9-2022) to discuss the progress and preparation of my group regarding the DataCamp project. The second meeting was held on the next day, which is on Friday (2-9-2022), and it was the day of the project presentation.

Thursday: Preparation for Project Presentation

In this kinda short meeting, we as a group 3 discussed with dr. Budi regarding the finalization of the DataCamp project which will be presented tomorrow.

At the first, we explained the progress of the project and we are grateful that we have completed the project. However, we also need to understand each task of the project as a preparation for the presentation later. In addition, we have also completed all the prerequisites of the project. That is also important to note because by learning those prerequisites, we will more easily understand each task of the project.

After that, we continued the discussion regarding the preparation of the project presentation. We have prepared presentation materials, which is a PowerPoints (PPT). The PPT will later be checked first by dr. Budi to minimize any mistakes.

Documenation of project preparation meeting.

Take a look at our PPT through this link.

Friday: It’s The Day

In this awaited meeting, the students, including myself, who had been divided into three groups presented the DataCamp project of each group.

Each group was given approximately 45 minutes for the presentation, followed by 15 minutes for the question and answer (QnA) session. 45 minutes for the presentation did quite surprise me. Nevertheless, when we finished the presentation, I realized that 45 minutes was not enough because of the considerable presentation material.

The first presentation started from Group 1 with a project entitled Reducing Traffic Mortality in the USA. Generally, the project uses the unsupervised machine learning method to investigate the incidence of traffic accidents across the nation in the USA and finally determine the solution for it. I’m quite interested in this project. However, on the other hand, I believe that the unsupervised machine learning method is quite difficult to work with, especially if we don’t understand statistics.

Documentation of group 1 project presentation.

The second presentation was continued by Group 2, which was my group, with Farsya and Anindya. We presented a project entitled A Text Analysis of Trump’s Tweets. In this project, we analyzed the tweets of Donald Trump’s account which turned out to have several patterns based on the word and the source of the tweets uploaded. The methods used in this project are text mining and sentiment analysis. Indeed, I’m interested in this project, and hopefully, I can apply this project to research for publication, especially public health research.

Documentation of group 2 project presentation.

The third presentation, which was the last presentation, was continued by Group 3. They present a project entitled What Makes a Pokemon Legendary. The project uses the supervised machine learning method to determine the characteristics of legendary pokemon. I’m quite impressed with the supervised machine learning method because it’s really like an AI. In addition, the method is also not difficult enough to work with. After all, I hope to be able to apply the method in public health research.

Documentation of group 3 project presentation.