Overview of EHASP

The Elective Health Alliance Sciences Program (EHASP) is one of the required coursework at the Faculty of Medicine, Padjadjaran University. This program has a variety of courses with different topics and each student can choose one of these courses freely, that is called an elective program. Each course is supported by teaching staff in a team or individually and under the coordination of the manager of the Bachelor of Medicine Study Program (PSSK). With this EHASP, it’s hoped that every student will be able to:

  1. have more insight and a clearer picture of the career paths available to the medical profession;
  2. planning for future career development;
  3. reflecting on the learning experiences obtained as part of the professionalism of prospective doctors;
  4. determine strategies and goals for learning and self-development during the learning period; and
  5. conducting self-assessment.

Data Science and Big Data for Public Health

The heading above is one of the course titles in this EHASP and it’s my chosen course. I have several goals by choosing that course:

  1. devoting my interest to the world of computation, such as analyzing data using a specific programming language;
  2. improve accuracy and skills in reading, analyzing, and inferring data, especially data in the medical field; and
  3. train my time management to be more efficient, along with other activities.

By following this EHASP course, I hope to be able to develop the basic skills of a graduated doctor, which are divided into six aspects: character, citizenshipcommunication, collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving, and creativity (6Cs).